Capturing Conservation Moments with

a lens and a pen.

TerraLens Photography LLC recognizes that we are deeply and intricately connected to all life on Earth. We strive to draw attention to topics in science and conservation through photography, writing, and archiving to encourage the responsible treatment of nature. Our hope is for a world where individuals are inspired to care for our planet and have the knowledge to act. We enjoy working with companies that aim to make the world a better place for us all.


Combining science, photography & writing to craft custom projects for each client

"Haley created a thoughtful structure for our photo assets, helped decide what we should keep, and trained our staff. The outcome is less time wasted digging for photos and a logical way to find them to illustrate our important mission."


Science, wildlife & conservation-focused articles & fine art photo galleries


Original books & fine art photographic prints, cards & household products


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