Capturing Conservation Moments with

a lens and a pen.

As the president and owner of TerraLens Photography, I recognize that we are deeply and intricately connected to all life on Earth.

I strive to draw attention to topics in science and conservation through photography and writing to encourage the responsible treatment of nature and work towards a world where individuals are inspired to care for our planet and have the knowledge to act. I enjoy working with companies that aim to make the world a better place for us all.


Combining science, photography & writing to craft custom projects for each client

  • Nature Photographer

    Nature photography services with a focus on story-telling and digital photo archiving.

  • writing

    Writing, editing, and proofreading services specializing in science topics.

"Haley created a thoughtful structure for our photo assets, helped decide what we should keep, and trained our staff. The outcome is less time wasted digging for photos and a logical way to find them to illustrate our important mission."


Science, wildlife & conservation-focused articles & fine art photo galleries

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  • Devils Tower.jpg

    Fine art

    Photography galleries featuring intimate images of landscapes, wildlife, plants, and oceans.


Original books & fine art photographic prints, cards & household products

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  • Floor Pillow.jpg


    Photographic prints, cards, & household products available for purchase.


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