Flocks & Feathers

Although many bird species are migratory and spend much of their time in various locations around the globe, they too suffer from a plethora of environmental threats, especially global climate change. For seabirds specifically, major threats include beach and ocean pollution from plastics, oils, and garbage that are dumped into bays or used in fisheries practices. For terrestrial species, habitat degradation, pesticides, and toxins produced by power plants and factories are major problems causing increased mortality rates that lead to some species becoming threatened or endangered.


Every time we throw something away, litter, or buy unsustainable products off the grocery store shelves we are part of the problem. To become part of the solution, we need to remain conscious of how our actions affect and impact the environment. Without a planet where all biological levels are represented in an ecosystem, we are endangering ourselves as well as the planet. 

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