Flowers & Foliage

 Most people only think of animals when they hear the term “endangered species”. However, there are just as many threatened plant species. According to the Center for Plant Conservation, 30% of all plants in the United States are considered threatened. Eighty percent of those species are plants that have an economic or agricultural value. What’s more, the health and survivorship of plant species are intimately linked to the health of animals and vice versa. For example, honey bees are endangered due to insecticide use on commercial crops and because there are fewer numbers of closely aggregated patches of flowering plants. Because of their decline, it’s estimated by the Natural Resource Defense Council that approximately “$15 billion of fruits, nuts, and vegetables [are] at risk.” 


Think of how it would impact your life if suddenly tomatoes, broccoli, or apples were too disappear. The simple act of planting native flowering species in your home garden can encourage bees and other beneficial insect populations. It would also encourage the presence of other important plant species in our habitats. Likewise, only buying produce from farmers markets or sources who support sustainable agriculture can have a huge impact on plant, insect, and human health.  

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