Ivory, Hooves & Fangs

All of the animals featured in this gallery are incredibly important to their habitats and to the health of the ecosystem. From Africa to North America, many of the animals in this gallery are endangered or threatened due to habitat loss, poaching, or human-wildlife conflicts. 


One of the most heated issues in conservation is the illegal ivory trade and poaching of African animals like elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, lions, and wild dogs. The poached items like ivory and rhino horn are sold across Asia with the belief they cure various diseases, although there is no medical evidence for this. As we move from Africa to North America, we met the grey wolf. Several attempts have been made to reintroduce the species to previously inhabited regions, along with other animals like the American bison. 


These activities comprise only a small fraction of all wildlife trafficking – the fourth largest illegal industry in the world. None of these animals will survive without our help. We need to support organizations that focus on scientific research, education, and public policy. Staying informed, taking action, donating to these organizations, and volunteering your time can have a tremendous benefit that could pull a species back from the brink of extinction or keep them from approaching the brink at all. 

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