Seas, Sands & Shells

The ocean is arguably the most ecologically productive and important ecosystem on our planet. It not only sustains a huge percentage of the human population, which directly relies on the ocean’s ecosystem services, it also sequesters massive amounts of carbon dioxide that would otherwise drastically warm our atmosphere. The ocean is composed of habitats not found anywhere else on earth that remain largely unexplored. We are only beginning to dive deeper into the oceans to discover what lies beneath the waves and every time we've been astonished. Ocean degradation, biodiversity loss, and overfishing are currently threatening our oceans. So what can you do?


Stay informed. Ask questions. Don't buy seafood that is unsustainable or has been caught in unsustainable ways. Don't support companies with questionable practices. A lot of “sustainable” fish are grown in controversial mariculture or aquaculture farms or caught in unsustainable ways that produce mass amounts of by-catch. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has produced a “Seafood Watch” list categorizing species as either “red”, “orange” or “green”. This list is small enough to fit in your pocket. Apps are also available.

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