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TerraLens has been FEATURED by Oceans Research!

About two years ago I completed a month long internship with Oceans Research in South Africa. We spent long busy days on the sea tracking, monitoring, photographing, and tagging Great White Sharks and dolphins to get information on their seasonal and daily movements within the bay of Mossel Bay and it's surrounding areas. Those was only one set of skills that I gained while being there. To see what else I did at Oceans Research, please check out the information on my CV.

Recently, the staff at Oceans Research reached out to its previous interns asking for what they have been up to since and how they have strove to make a difference for the world's wildlife and continue to develop their skills. I submitted some TerraLens photos along with my website and my story and they have decided to feature me in their blog. Please see the full article here.

I've very excited about it and very grateful they have decided to feature some up-and-coming wildlife activist enthusiats! Thank you Oceans Research!

Featured article about TerraLens Photography by Oceans Research.

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