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A Look "Into Africa"

Over the past few weeks I've been spending quite a lot of time creating a photo book that I've been meaning to make since I got back from my most recent trip around Southern Africa, this past January. I finally found some time to devote and here is the first look (see photos below)!


Into Africa: A Photographic Journey through Southern Africa highlights the best photos from my trips and experiences in Southern Africa: from the savannas of South Africa, to the deserts of Namibia, the floodplains of Botswana, and the rivers and falls of Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Inside, you'll find three main sections in the book, featuring mammals, birds, and landscapes. As TerraLens Photography strives to not only inspire awe of our planet's inherent beauty, but also to encourage the responsible treatment of nature, I felt it was appropriate to include additional conservation information related to each species. I've listed each species common and scientific name, conservation status, current geographic range, threats to the species, and finally where the photo(s) were taken (as seen in the last photo, below).

Oh yes, there is one other perk to purchasing my book... For every book that I sell, I will be donating 5% of the profits to the African Wildlife Foundation to support their committment to the preservation of African wildlife and habitats.

Book attributes:

  • Hardback book

  • Dust jacket cover

  • 10 x 8 inches

  • Premium lustre pages

  • 96 pages

  • $130.00 + shipping

Order & Payment:

Via PayPal (hardcover) or Blurb (eBook)

Order Here!

Into Africa Photobook Preview

Into Africa Photobook Preview

Into Africa Photobook Preview

Into Africa Photobook Preview

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