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A National Geographic Feature!

Twitter Feature re Canyonlands National Park, Utah

One afternoon while perusing my Twitter feed, a notification popped up indicating I had been tagged in someone's post.

I clicked on the icon and immediately noticed someone had shared one of my photographs. Surprised at first and then confused, I opened the image only to find my photo had the National Geographic logo in the bottom left corner and my copyright in the bottom right.

"What?! Where did this person find my photo?", was my immediate question. Then, "why does it have the National Geographic logo on it?"

Cue the furious internet search. I soon discovered my photograph, entitled "Mars", has been picked as one of the editors' favorite images for week 11 of the National Geographic 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year contest! I had submitted two images to the contest several weeks earlier, but had forgotten about it as I did not expect to be noticed. After all, thousands upon thousands of people enter their photos into said contest. Hence my confusion, wonder, and excitement. See my photograph below and click the image to see it on the Nat Geo website.

I captured this image on a trip to Canyonlands National Park in Utah during early summer. You can see the red canyons, buttes, and the Green River in the distance, evoking an impression of Mars, while a 4x4 trail winds through the landscape. Click to see my image featured on the Nat Geo website, as well as the other favorites and overall winners of the contest! You can also download my photo as a wallpaper for your computer, tablet, or phone. Thanks for all of your support! I hope to show up on the Nat Geo website again in the future :)

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Mars, Canyonlands National Park, Utah (c) TerraLens Photography LLC

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