Wildlife & conservation photojournalism

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  • Fish

    an ocean of intelligence

    Marine organisms possess facets of consciousness, including intelligence.

  • What Caged Looks Like.jpg

    Debate: Ethics of zoos

    Are zoos justified by their support of education, research, and conservation?

  • Intertidal Forest.jpg

    Debate: species on the move

    Are invasive species really invaders? Or is their movement a natural process?

  • The Captive.jpg

    how i got the shot

    To make a great wildlife photo you need to get inside the animal's head.

  • Dance of the Egret.jpg

    Unveiling thE

    Danube Delta

    Exploring the Danube Delta and its bird-life in enchanting Romania.

  • At the Monkey Exhibit.jpg

    Zoos for none

    Can zoos justify keeping animals in captivity? Or is that beyond ethics?

  • Into the Void.jpg

    a likeness of 


    Lichen: the wise old crones of the biological world, right beneath our feet.

  • Rosettes.jpg

    in communion 

    with leopards

    There are few places I feel the weight of my own mortality. Africa is one.

  • Black Timber.jpg

    wrestling with 


    I realized in that moment, I wasn’t the only one looking a predator in the eye.

  • American Bison.jpg

    The Problem of 


    Reintroducing North America's megafauna to the wild west.

  • Rhino in Motion.jpg

    greetings in 

    the night

    One Namibian night. One watering hole. And eight black rhinos.

  • Alert and Focused.jpg

    lessons from a 

    lion tracker

    Learning about wildlife conservation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

  • Gradient Ocean


    Poems about subtle experiences in nature and with wildlife.

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